Climate Controlled Storage Units in Prattville, AL

Whether you are moving or needing a place to keep your things for some time, getting climate-controlled storage units is a great option . You can also feel confident that your things will be in the same condition as you when you left them.

Many people choose to keep their belongings in climate-controlled storage units because they don’t want to bring everything into their new home, but they aren’t ready to get rid of their things. Having a climate-controlled unit gives you peace of mind and an easy way to keep your things in storage.

What Does Climate Controlled Storage Mean?

Climate-controlled storage units are either air-conditioned or heated depending on the climate you live in. In the wintertime, units can get below freezing temperatures and, in the summertime, they can get above 90 degrees.
Extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold can ruin your belongings. Storage units are usually kept between 55-80 degrees throughout the year.

Are Climate-Controlled Units More Expensive?

At most storage places, climate-controlled units are more expensive. However, the extra cost is worth it when you know that all your belongings are safe and secure. Climate-controlled units can be about 25% to 50% more than you would pay for a conventional unit. However, the exact cost will depend on the size of the unit and how many units you need.
Climate-controlled units are more expensive because they cost more to run due to the technology. The special systems used in the units require more energy. They also need to be installed, maintained, and powered more often than conventional units.

What About Conventional Storage Units?

Conventional storage units do not have climate control, but they still offer you a way to store your things. Sometimes, you can use a conventional storage unit.
The following items are okay to be stored in conventional storage units:
  • Water Hoses
  • Kitchen Items
  • Gardening Equipment
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Sports Equipment
Conventional Units are cheaper, so if you only plan to store the above items, you don’t need to pay extra for climate-controlled units.

Can I Switch Units Later?

If you choose a conventional unit and then later decide you need a climate-controlled unit, you can always switch, if a climate control unit is available and at the rate of a climate control unit. Keep in mind that moving all your belongings can be a pain though. Deciding on the right unit from the beginning will save you money and the hassle of needing to move everything.
Storage Units Near You
The Storage Barn is proud to serve the Prattville, Alabama community and surrounding cities with world-class service. Our facility is located close to I-65, allowing us to serve Millbrook, Pine Level, Booth, Montogomery, and other nearby areas. Our facility is also a convenient solution for college students attending Alabama State University. If you’re in need of extra storage space, stop by the facility to use our rental kiosk, meet with our facility manager or give us a call at 334-361-1111. Find us at 1795 The Exchange North!

Storage Units in Prattville, AL

Our facility is fully equipped to store your belongings including RVs, cars, boats, and other types of vehicles. If you’re dealing with tough parking restrictions in your neighborhood, our uncovered outdoor spaces are the best option.

What items do you plan to store? How long do you intend to store with us? If you plan to store environmentally sensitive items for a long period of time, we offer climate-controlled units.