Benefits Of Climate Controlled Storage Units

When it comes to storage facilities in Prattville, do you need a climate controlled storage unit? If you wish to store sensitive products that can be affected by harsh weather or other adverse conditions, a climate-controlled storage facility is the way to go.
How Are Climate Controlled Storage Units Better?
  • As the name itself suggests, climate controlled storage facilities protect sensitive items like wood from extreme temperatures. For instance, if you wish to store musical instruments and other items made of wood, you should choose a climate-controlled storage unit. It becomes even more important if you live in an area where there are sudden changes in weather and the climate almost always tilts towards either extreme like Prattville.
  • Climate controlled storage has superior and well-regulated air quality. This might not be the case with regular storage units. An indoor, climate-controlled storage facility is perfectly sealed and the continuous air circulation means that the air is clean.
  • Leather furniture will always benefit from being in an air conditioned storage unit. Leather in particular is sensitive to swings of hot and cold weather not to mention the humidity of Alabama.
  • Clothing should also be in a climate controlled storage unit because of the humidity. The last thing you want is mold and mildew finding their way to your clothing in storage, especially if they’ll be sitting unattended for several months.
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